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Grayson Getaways Women Only Adventure Retreat

Quick Details

Person Ages 16 and up
Persons not yet 18 must be accompanied by an adult

Join us for a weekend of fun at Grayson Getaways Outdoor Resort

Anyone and everyone will love Grayson Lake State Park. Its natural beauty and intoxicating waterfalls will make for a day to remember. This is a leisurely beginner friendly adventure.

The scenery at Grayson Lake is incredible. If you are fortunate enough to spend the day here, paddling along the sandstone cliffs and exploring caves and coves, it will be one you will not forget. The Grotto is the most popular and the quintessential must-do, if you can hit only one. It is the main draw to paddle at Grayson Lake State Park. Tucked away among mossy sandstone cliffs, the seductive Grotto Falls on Far Clifty Creek will lure you into its natural sanctuary. Be sure to also visit Craig Creek Falls, Gray Hollow Falls, Sam Carroll Falls, Stafford Creek Falls, and Lick Falls. Behind Hidden Falls, one of the bigger waterfalls, you can paddle through a crack in the sandstone to go into a secret cove in the back.

Some of these secluded spots appear other-worldly—and you almost feel as if you’ve been transported to someplace deep within Middle Earth, where you can let your imagination run wild. The combination of beech-hemlock trees contributes to the surreal landscape.