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Here are some of our favorite media shout outs in the last couple years.   Its been such a pleasure getting to know everyone and having so many great adventures together! How to Start Stand-Up Paddleboarding in Kentucky: What to Know, Where to Go SUP-urb underground cavern glow Lights, paddleboard, fun — in a flooded limestone mine Travel | 5 Kentucky SUP Destinations ADVENTURE SUP Tour Explores Underground Caverns and Waterfalls in Kentucky SUP Tour Explores Underground Caverns and Waterfalls In Kentucky SOUTHEAST MOUNTAIN GUIDES & TORRENT FALLS These are just a few of some of our favorites.  Get outside KY and explore all the beuaty we have in our wonderful state!


Kentucky is an amazing playground for paddleboarders.  We have so many beautiful locations to explore.  Rivers that flow past sandstone arches, lakes that hide tropical grottos, and the KY river Palisades. Elkhorn creek palisades has some of the finest whitewater rapids for beginners to experts. If you are new to the sport we can get…


This is the first of many blog entries for anyone who is interested in Stand Up Paddling. Kentucky is our home and it has so many beautiful places to get out on the water. We enjoy rivers, lakes, and streams all over this wonderful state. Thousands of miles of scenic waterways and abundant wildlife for…