We specialize in a once in a lifetime unique experience.  Come explore and discover the seldom seen places of Kentucky.  We love to adventure and take you with us!
We are available for Private Tours, Parties and we are MOBILE. 
Contact us for details.

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Grayson Lake
A quiet paddle through the sandstone cliffs of Grayson Lake. Waterfalls and even a hidden grotto falls await!
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Cumberland Falls
The Niagara of the south can be seen from the bottom pool by paddling up to the falls.  House sized boulders and a refreshing mist are part of this tour!
Paddle Pose
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Underground Cavern Glow SUP
Welcome to the fastest growing sport in the world.  Great exercise, adventure and fun for the whole family!
Join us for a 1.5 mile Underground glow sup experience. Join us as we wind our way through a flooded limestone mine and experience the spacious caverns, history and amazing led light experience. Come into the darkness and glow with us!
Some of our other Adventures!
Full Moon Paddle
We offer full moon paddles once a month.  A change of location will give you the thrill of paddling at night!
Whitewater Adventures
Elkhorn Creek is a hidden gem in central Kentucky!  There are 30 miles of rapids from class 1 to 3.  It is the perfect place to learn the fast growing sport of Whitewater SUP!
Intro to SUP Course
Your first time on a SUP can be as enjoyable as these folks.  It is the fastest growing sport and you can paddle for a lifetime!