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Meet the Team

—————— Our Team ——————

All of our staff have been uniquely trained in a variety of wilderness survival areas and carry all necessary certifications to prove they know their stuff.  They all carry up to date CPR, Wilderness First Aid and Sup Instructor Credentials.  All of us are here to provide you with your best experience we know when to push, when to pull and when you let you take a break!


a man rowing a boat in the water



Aaron is a true waterman. Boat Captain, Sup Athlete, Whitewater Kayaker, Diver you name it if it involves water he has mastered it. Aaron has over 10 years of SUP experience and is highly trained in water safety. He is a kid at heart and brings his love of water to every adventure he leads.

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Heather is an ACA Level 1/2 Certified Sup Instructor, Certified Environmental Educator and has over 8 years of Sup experience. Heather is alway up for an adventure and excited to share the hidden treasures of Kentucky with you.

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